Vehicle Weight and Tire Wear

October 24th, 2018 by

Tires are tough and durable members of the suspension system. Tires that are mounted on compatible vehicles can last many years before replacements become necessary, but tires mounted on incompatible cars can quickly develop dangerous flaws.

Tire manufacturers carefully design their products for specific vehicles and vehicle types. As such, most tires include weight restrictions. Drivers who abide by these weight restrictions face few operational issues, but operators who use incompatible tires may be flirting with future issues.

Vehicles that have incompatible tires mounted on them can inflict premature and uneven damage on their tires. These damages can include sidewall, tread, and inflation issues.

Thankfully, you can avoid these issues in you use tires that are fully compatible with your vehicle. At Byers Kia of Lewis Center area, our suspension system experts can help you to translate and understand your tire-codes. For more assistance, swing by our place today for a no-obligation visit.

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